We need connection, we thrive in community.  Our young learners need community, it’s so crucial to healthy development. We also know little ones need time out in nature and we know how good it makes us feel in times of stress to just stand outside and breathe.

How can we preserve community connection, stay grounded in nature and stay safe in this weird world?

Whatever your normal looks like right now I hope you’ll consider joining me in a nature journaling community adventure this fall. Every Thursday on Instagram @_homeroots_ I will share nature journal prompts and observations. I invite you to submit your own nature journal experiences via direct message on Instagram, in posts using the hashtag #littlenaturejournal or using the submission form below. With your permission, I’ll share your submissions and we can all connect through nature. 

If you are new to nature journaling you can visit this link to download your very own starter guide.  If you’re lacking the materials needed to start journaling (they’re not hard to find) visit my Etsy Shop to order a starter kit. 

Let’s connect, let’s build community. Let’s support young learners in exploring nature AND connecting with other humans safely in this weird new normal.