“Human love begins in utero, is carried through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal nurturance of bonding…yet the most critical, formative relationship – the relationship between mother and infant…is not valued, nurtured or supported by our culture” Magical Parent, Magical Child  Mendizza & Pearce





Nourishing Emerging Families 

Our earliest experiences lay the foundations for future patterns of behavior. Loving relationships, nurturing environments, time spent in nature, freedom to play – all things  fundamental to the development of young children. 

Becoming a parent is a huge shift in your life. Looking after children in any capacity can feel challenging and chaotic. Leaning into slow can provide the foundation that you need in your home or classroom to feel present, to respond to the needs of young people with patience and love. This is how I have maintained my own sense of balance in the wild ride that is parenting.  I regularly write about slow living practices and how to approach parenting as meditation. Check out the blog for ideas and inspiration or join me on Patreon for resources available for download.

I have also created a podcast, Life As It It Mattered, to provide you with ideas and knowledge to help you in supporting the unfolding of young children, and living in loving relationships.