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Early Learning

















Children are born curious, ready to explore and make meaning of the world around them. All children are innately capable of learning and need a      nurturing environment and nurturing relationships to support their growth and development.   In addition to downloadable guides and resources      I can also work one on one with you to create nurturing learning environments unique to your young learners. 

Home Roots Family resources help ground you in practical skills, foster loving relationships and support you in learning alongside your little ones. 







Email me at to book a virtual consultation and let me help you create a nurturing space for your young learners.

You can also purchase Little Wonders Learning guides here: 




Slow Family Living 

















Slow down and lean into the present moment. Slow living practices can help you remain grounded, give your home a foundation, and help you respond to the daily challenges with awareness and gentleness (towards yourself and your children) Visit the blog for resources or download my Daily Rhythm Guide on Etsy





Mother Care

















Mothering the mother, nurturing the whole family. When mothers are healthy, families are healthy.  Let me provide you with support and nourishment.  See below for a complete list of mother care services




Home Roots Postpartum Care Package


The ultimate gift for a new mama, this care package includes a collection of thoughtfully chosen items to nourish mama, baby and the whole family.  Package may include: 

  • pantry snacks
  • nourishing foods
  • gentle baby products
  • herbal tea blends
  • postpartum recipes
  • natural products for mamas

Mama Wellness Support

$25 / hr

I can provide hands on support after the arrival of your new little one.  This care will look different for each family but can include: 

  • Meal preparation 
  • Light housework
  • Feeding support
  • Postpartum resources
  • Childcare
  • Infant care

Mama Nutrition Support

$100 / week

Need extra support keeping your family physically nourished? Feeling exhausted? . I can provide nourishing foods for you and the whole family.

  • Price includes three meals + snacks each week
  • Dietary Customizations available
  • Meals cooked in your own home