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Raine Sillito


Hello, I’m Raine – mother, writer, educator.  I realized early on that I care deeply about the well being of children and families. I knew I wanted to support young learners so I  decided to pursue a career in education.  After an internship at a democratic free school in the UK, I returned home to Canada and jumped into early childhood education where I focused on nature and arts based learning experiences in preschools, kindergarten and out of school care. While working on my masters degree I took an elective course on how our birth and prebirth experiences shape our lives and realized how important those earliest of experiences are to how we grow and learn. Then I became a mother and I realized how much care families need to raise both their children and themselves. Home Roots is my love for slow living, conscious parenting, holistic health and natural learning rooted in a desire to support emerging families.  This is home. 

Continually Learning

Classes, Courses, Qualifications


Learning is a lifelong process and an integral to the work that I do.  Here is a list of the classes and courses I have completed so far in my process of learning that support and inform my work with families.  Feel free to contact me with questions about any of my qualifications or courses.


  • MA Transformative Learning, 2019
  • Mindfulness Life Coach Training, 2020
  • The Ayurveda Experience, 2020
  • Basic Skills in Perinatal Mental Health, 2020
  • Exploring Birth Psychology, 2020
  • Forest School Introductory Training, 2014
  • Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate, 2013
  • ATCL Teaching Speech and Drama, 2012
  • Childcare Worker Certification, 2011
  • Internship at The Family School, 2011


  • Holistic Herbalism Course
  • Food Handler’s Certificate Course

Lectures, Workshops & Conferences

  • How childhood and family history affect our happiness, 2020
  • Wild Rose Herb Walk, 2020
  • HeartMath Experience, 2020
  • Maternal Mental Health 101, 2020
  • The Family Field, How Our Ancestors Unhealed Wounds Can Span Generations, 2019
  • Introduction to Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, 2017
  • Intergenerational Theatre Workshop, 2016
  • Agile Learning Workshop, 2015
  • Teaching for a Positive Future, 2014
  • International Democratic Education Conference, 2013
  • Alternative Education Resource Organization Conference, 2012